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Re: Saving buffer land from development


A good reference about local communities using zoning laws and other
mechanisms to preserve open space, agricultural lands, create conservation
areas, etc. is:

Sargent, Frederic O., Paul Lusk, Jose A. Rivera, and Maria Varela," Rural
Environmental Planning for Sustainable Communities", Island Press,
Washington, D.C., 1991.

This book includes specific case studies in it. Even though it has rural in
the title it is relevant for non-rural areas as well.

Another very good reference related to such issues is:

Porter, Douglas, "Managing Growth in America's Communities", Island Press,
Washington, D.C., 1997.

Since both of these books are from Island Press their web site is:

Another web site which may be of interest is the land trust web site at:

Another book I would recommend is:

Stevens, William K., "Miracle Under the Oaks: The Revival of Nature in
America", Pocket Books, New York, 1995. This is a very interesting book
about local habitat restoration activities in the City of Chicago and how
citizens managed to not only save various pieces of land but also started
restoring prairie and savanna habitats.


At 3:41 PM -0400 6/26/98, KATHY DAVEY wrote:
>Does anyone have any examples of how local communities have
>managed to preserve buffer land from being developed?  At issue is 30 -
>50 wooded acres between a residential neighborhood and a strip of
>commercial and industrial development.  The corporate owner bought the
>land after mildly contaminating a small portion of the wooded area.  Any
>leads would be greatly appreciated.

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