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Water consumption, plastic bags, and styrofoam cups

Hi!  I am looking for any data/figures linking water conservation to
reductions in pollution generated.  From power stations, POTWs, etc. 
Something like: for every gallon of water saved you prevent X amount
of waste from being generated...Very generic, simple numbers. 

I'm also looking for basic "did you know" kind of numbers on plastic bags
vs. canvas bags and on standard sized styrofoam cups.  For example,
if 100 people use reusable mugs, X amount of waste will not be
generated by styrofoam cups.  Or any good numbers about what kinds
of wastes go into making plastic bags and styrofoam cups.

Thanks for your help!

Martha Arosemena
Texas Natural Resource Conservation Commission
Office of Pollution Prevention & Recycling, MC112
P.O. Box 13087
Austin, TX  78711-3087
phone: 512/239-3185
fax: 512/239-3165