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RE: Leather Dust Reuse

Kevin: In PA, one of our Governor's Award for Environmental Excellence
winners in 1997 was Westfield Tanning. They instituted a number of P2 and E2
projects. One of them involved incorporation of leather buffing dust into
"Wes Tan", a biosolid that the company produces through its wastewater
treatment process, a sequencing batch reactor system. Approximately 500
lbs/day of leather buffing dust goes into the biosolid that increases
saleable material by 60 tons per year. Westfield also worked on waste
reduction of tanning byproducts and all but one of 11 of their tanning
byproducts was found to improve the performance of "Wes Tan" as a
To learn more and to see if this is helpful, contact Keith Kraus, Westfield
Tanning, Westfield PA at 814-367-5951 ext 124.  Hope this is helpful.
phone 717-772-5160
Deirdre T. Lehman
Office of Pollution Prevention and Compliance Assistance

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> Hello, I work for the Industrial Assessment Center at the Univeristy of
> Louisville.  I was wondering if anyone out there knows of any possible
> alternative uses for leather dust and/or people I can contact.  Thanks
> in advance.
> Kevin