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Re: substitute for methylene chloride as a blowing agent

Linda, there are many alternatives such as the use of acetone, pentane, or
liquid CO2, etc. should you need more info. please feel free to call me at
(317) 233-6662 or E-mail. 

>>> Linda Greer <lgreer@nrdc.org> 07/01/98 10:07AM >>>
I'm looking for information about substitutes for methylene chloride as
a blowing agent for foam.  Perhaps CO2.  (NOT trichlorethylene).  I'm
curious of anything is out there on either a research scale or better
yet, commercial scale.  Isn't the blowing agent use of methylene
chloride much more environmentally significant than its use as a cleaner
(either for the mixing chamber or the delivery tip?)  Tnaks.