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RE: P2 for steel & cast iron shavings

A manufacturer of automotive parts here in Michigan ships their waste
grinding swarf to Phillip Environmental in Canada for metals recovery in
place of landfilling.  The recovered metals are blended into other
materials and sold to the iron industry. The company's EMS/P2
objective/target is 100% grinding swarf recycled.  

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> From:	Koren Carpenter [SMTP:CarpentK@state.mi.us]
> Sent:	Wednesday, July 08, 1998 8:30 AM
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> Subject:	P2 for steel & cast iron shavings
> Some of our district staff (State of Michigan)  were wondering if
> there are any alternative uses or end users who can utilize grinding
> swarf(steel and cast iron shavings).  The companies generate these
> steel and cast iron shavings from making camshafts and other metal
> parts etc.  Currently, this waste is being put into Type II landfills.
> Does anyone have any potential P2 ideas for this material or any other
> suggestions?  Any response is appreciated.