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Metal Wastes

   Subject: P2 for steel & cast iron shavings
   Regarding your message below:
   --	   For P2, seek ways to reduce the amount of metal being ground 
   or shaved.
   --	   Review this topic on the federal EPA's web site "Enviro$en$e 
   at:	   	   http://es.epa.gov/index.html.
   --	   Seek a recycler of these metals.  A waste exchange 
   organization in your geographic area may be of help.
   There may be information you need in the Recycler's Exchange at
   Michigan On-line Waste Exchange
   Michigan Dept of Environmental Quality, Pollution Prevention Section - 
   Environmental Assistance Division, PO Box 30457
   Lansing Michigan	   USA 48909-7957
   Toll Free: 800-662-9278 Tel: 517-373-1322	   Fax: 517-335-4729
   Contact: Lucy Doroshko
   --	   The recycler may request the grindings/shavings be de-watered 
   if water is used for coolant in the machining porcess.  Equipment may 
   be necessary to filter or dewater the metal from liquids; perhaps  
   filter press or sludge de-watering.  Seek a directory for 
   environmental equipment/products.  Some of these may be found on the 
   In Pennsylvania, businesses may request the "Green Pages" - a service 
   of the PA Department of Environmental Protection, the Department of 
   Community and Economic Development and the PA Chamber of Business and 
   Industry.  The "Green Pages" are a compilation of environmentally 
   related businesses.  You may wish to call the Office of Pollution 
   Prevention and Compliance Assistance at 717-783-0540 to request a 
   copy.  There are economic development, industrial resource center, and 
   other organizations/business networks listed in this publication that 
   may be able to refer you to their equivalents in Michigan.
   Jo Anne
   ---------------------Your Request----------------------------
   Some of our district staff (State of Michigan)  were wondering if 
   there are any alternative uses or end users who can utilize grinding 
   swarf(steel and cast iron shavings).  The companies generate these 
   steel and cast iron shavings from making camshafts and other metal 
   parts etc.  Currently, this waste is being put into Type II landfills.
   Does anyone have any potential P2 ideas for this material or any other
   suggestions?  Any response is appreciated.