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Consultants or Coating Reformulators

    One & All,
    Our air quality program manager is looking for a list of resources 
    (consultants or coating reformulators) that may be useful to any 
    company conducting coating operations.  The problem is that many 
    small companies (that often lack support services) seem to be 
    developing more non-compliance problems relative to air 
    regulations.  The manager would like to have a list of potential 
    service providers that would be able to present options to these 
    companies.  Options could include the use of improved coatings, 
    improved coating application technologies, pollution control 
    technologies, or some combination of these options.
    I suggested these companies should work more with their coating 
    suppliers, as an initial low cost option.  The manager seems to 
    lean more toward consultants that may provide several options...I 
    assume at much higher costs.  I expect there is a happy medium 
    somewhere and have located some coating consultants as a first 
    Can anyone provide information about specific coating suppliers 
    willing to actively work with customers, or consultants who work 
    more in the arena of coating reformulation or the lighter side of 
    technology modifications?  Adding some direction as to their 
    specialities(wood, metal, etc.), if applicable, would be 
    Thanks for any assistance.  I would be happy to share the end 
    product provided I get some responses.  Also, I will explore the 
    archives for past information in this area.