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Re: P2 For Steel & Cast Iron Shavings



Regarding viable end-use options for swarf, I have the following information.    Some landfill operators may not accept swarf for disposal because the swarf may contain free-liquids (oil).    The oil can be removed from the swarf (e.g. by centrifuging) and recycled as used oil.

Ohio EPA  does not have much information on recycling swarf, but we are aware of a company that recycles this material.   As usual, reference to a company should not be viewed as endorsement of the company by Ohio EPA.

"Phoenix Environmental Ltd. (PEL) uses ferrous swarf (and other
iron-containing wastes) as a raw material in their process to produce magnetite for use in various industrial applications. Construction will soon begin on their initial commercial-scale facility, PELtech1, located near Canton, Ohio. It is scheduled to start-up in March 1999 and will primarily process iron-containing wastes from The Timken Company. PEL will develop additional capacity for processing ferrous wastes from other parties upon
successful start-up of the initial facility.  Inquiries for information
should be directed to Paul Dent at PEL. He can be reached at 703.866.0704 (phone), 703.866.0705 (fax) or pmdent@erols.com. To inquire, please provide an estimate of the volume of ferrous waste available, source location and iron content (if known)."


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