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Re: Consultants or Coating Reformulators

Richard Illig has asked for a listing of consultants or reformulators to
assist non-compliant coaters meet the regulatory standards. I do not think
that the question is correctly stated. The coatings industry just doesn't work
that way. Coatings companies do not generally accept formulas presented by
independent consultants or "reformulators". Actually, virtually every coatings
manufacturer is a reformulator. Although he may have a standard line of
products that he advertizes, he probably has hundreds of variations in his
formula files that he is willing to make on a batch basis and sell. Indeed,
for good customers, he will institute a reformulation program, working with
the customer until the exact desired performance requirements are met. He then
adds that new formula to his inventory. For these reasons, Richard's
suggestion that the coater work directly with coating manufacturers is the
best approach.

Most coating manufacturers can supply lower VOC coatings,either high solids
solvent-based versions or water-based versions that will meet some of the VOC
regulations. However, these regulations are getting stiffer and stiffer.
Rather than chasing a moving target with a series of costly coatings changes,
non-compliant coaters might be wise to opt for one of the newer technologies
which  eliminate virtually all VOC and HAP. Use of such coatings could free
the coater completely from the regulations. For metal substrates, powder
coatings work well. For temperature sensitive substrates, such as wood, paper,
plastics as well as metals, there are the UV light or Electron Beam curable
coatings that are rapidly growing elements in the coatings field.

For those interested in the latter approach, I can supply lists of coating
suppliers differentiated by substrate and the type of products coated. I can
be reached at:

   Dr. Alexander Ross
   RadTech International
   Phone: 703-534-9313
   Fax: 703-533-1910
   E-mail: RossRadTec@AOL.com