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Reply to request on P2 for steel & cast iron shavings

Steel and cast iron are two different by-products. Swarf and
shavings(chips or turnings) are also different.  They should not be mixed
except by the scrap dealer/recycler. He must be free to blend for the
specific needs of the metal melter. Segregation is key.  There is
equipment now available to allow for the compaction of fine metal
particles that will squeeze out the coolant, i.e.-The Puckmaster."  The
finer the particles the harder it is to get the liquid out, also the harder
it is
to get the fines to stay compacted when handling.  If the cut/coolant
used is water soluble this is done easily.  If the particles are very fine a
hydro cyclone will work well to separate the bulk of the liquid for reuse.
If it is oil - big problems - it is potentially explosive in an electric arc
furnace.  The smoke generated becomes a blinding problem for
baghouse dust collectors.  The best thing is to centrifuge the
swarf/turnings to recover the oil - oil is in $2 to$3 range and is reusable
when filtered. Volume is key to cost here.  Use & type of filter media is
an issue that may need to be addressed.    With all this said some scrap
metal dealers will allow "dry"fines in small quantities to be mixed in with
the turning/chips- talk with then up front!  We have a scrap metal co.
here in SC selling Puckmasters and they handle the output from their
customers - both CI & Steel. I would be happy to field any specific
questions. I have 36 years of metal working experience plus 4 years in
P2 @ SC-DHEC-Center for Waste Min. during which time I have been
working HS/Tool Steel grinding swarf metal recovery as a project.
-neal hunter- Phone 803/ 734- 5254; Fax: 803/ 734- 9934