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Sept 1-2 Federal Facility P2 Plan Implementation Workshop


The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency - Region 5 and Wright
Patterson Air Force Base are sponsoring a Federal Facility Pollution
Prevention Plan Implementation Workshop

SEPTEMBER 1-2, 1998

at the Wright Patterson Air Force Base in Ohio.

Executive Order 12856 requires every federal facility to have a pollution
prevention (P2) plan to reduce total releases of toxic chemicals.  In this
free workshop,  you will  learn about different pollution prevention
options, resources, and specific tools to help implement your federal
facility's P2 plan.  You will also see actual pollution prevention projects
underway at Wright Patterson Air Force Base and hear about
successful approaches taken by other federal facilities.

Register today!

Please provide the following information and email, fax, or mail to:

Rebecca Glos
11251 Roger Bacon Drive
Reston, Virginia  20190
voice:  (703) 318-4797
FAX: (703) 736-0826
EMAIL: glosr@saic.com

1.  Name
2.  Job title
3.  Federal agency and facility's name 
     (e.g. DoD/Wright Patterson AFB)
4.  Phone number
5.  Fax number
6.  E-mail address
7.  Mailing address

For more information, contact:
Dolly Tong
U.S. Environmental Protection Agency - Region 5
Pollution Prevention and Program Initiatives Section (DW-8J)
77 W. Jackson Boulevard
Chicago, Illinois  60604
(312) 886-1019 
(312) 353-4788 - fax