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RE: Consultants or Coating Reformulators

For small shops, the quickest source of good information is the paint
supplier.  If they want to dig a little deeper, the Chemical Coaters
Association (http://www.finishing.com/CCAI/index.html), the professional
association for painting, plating, and such, has a helpline
(800-9coat-it or 800-926-2848) that is available to non-members.
Technical questions are answered by their technical director and may be
referred to appropriate vendors or consultants.

For shops that have web-access the CAGE website (http://cage.rti.org/)
is helpful. It offers both an expert system to chose a coating system
and factsheets on a large number of paints and coating processes.

EPA publications Organic Coating Replacements (EPA-625/R-94/006) or P2
in the Paints & Coatings Industry (EPA/625/R-96/003) are also very
helpful. These are available from EPA or the Waste Reduction Resource
Center (800-763-0136).  WRRC also has hundred's of technical references
on painting that can be searched and ordered on our website

Mike Heaney
NC Division of Pollution Prevention & Environmental Assistance
POBOX 29569, Raleigh NC 27626