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Re: Coating Reformulators

Richard Illig (717) 327-3568 wrote:
>     All,
>     Thanks for the rapid and very helpful responses.  All will be
>     passed to our air quality program manager for consideration.
>     Two of the messages mentioned Ron Joseph.  I was lucky to have
>     been able to attend a VOC seminar which he conducted.  Here is
>     contact information for those who can use it.  (I still hope he is
>     out there.  My last attempts at contacting him went unanswered.)
>     Ron Joseph & Associates, Inc.
>     Coating Consultants
>     12514 Scully Avenue
>     Saratoga, Ca.  95070
>     408-446-9736
>     Thanks again,
>     Ric
>     illig.richard@a1.dep.state.pa.us

Ron writes an excellent monthly column for the magazine "Metal
Finishing" called Environmental Coating Problems, published by Elsevier.
One of my first actions after starting my own company was to subscribe
so that I could be sure of reading the column. The magazine's annual
Guidebook and Directory issue is an excellent compact reference for
current metal finishing methods and associated issues. 

Don Martz
Senior Scientist
Martz Science Consultants