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Lead source

Once per year between July and September we receive a 
slug load of lead to our wastewater plant. It does 
not seem to be our permitted industries. We have no 
battery rebuilding, no electronics mftrs, or eyeglass 
mfctrs. We've checked radiator repair shops, 
industrial laundries, and furniture strippers. So what 
do you think the source is. I wish I could offer you 
a reward for the info leading to the Id of the 
source. Thanks for any ideas.
Tim Tuominen
Pollution Prevention Chemist
Western Lake Superior Sanitary District
2626 Courtland Street
Duluth, MN 55806
Ph. (218) 722-3336 ext 324
Fax (218) 727-7471
Email tim.tuominen@wlssd.duluth.mn.us