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RE: Lead source


Do you have lead mines in the area ?  Maybe some sort of dewatering
operation or mine drainage.  The final melting of snow that was in contact
with contaminated soil ?  Any dredging ?  It could be sediment stirred up
from some long forgotten site.  Are there elevated level of other
contaminants ? This might give a clue to its source.  How about
bridge/building repair ?  Much painting occurs in summer and the lead might
be from stripped paint.

Just a few thoughts to consider.

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> Once per year between July and September we receive a 
> slug load of lead to our wastewater plant. It does 
> not seem to be our permitted industries. We have no 
> battery rebuilding, no electronics mftrs, or eyeglass 
> mfctrs. We've checked radiator repair shops, 
> industrial laundries, and furniture strippers. So what 
> do you think the source is. I wish I could offer you 
> a reward for the info leading to the Id of the 
> source. Thanks for any ideas.
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