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Inexpensive way to treat waste water

I have been asked by one of my co-workers for some information on how to 
treat water for a new circuit board manufacturer.

The manufacturer is starting up the business and is interested in ways to
water before release. However, they do not want to spend a large amount of 
money until the business is bigger. They have talked to another local
who has a closed loop system which they would like to go toward in the future 
but cannot justifying spending 200K at this time when their production rate

We have recommended that they test the water to see exactly what 
components will be in it. They are aware of local requirements.

The process is flux, wave solder and wash. They will be using a water-soluble 
flux and a wash with some detergent in it until the closed-loop deionized
system comes on line. Some lead is expected in the rinse water.

Any information on inexpensive waste water treatment will be appreciated.



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