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Re: waterborne woodfinishing experts

>Dear P2techs,
>We are planning a workshop for wood manufacturers and finishers.
>Part of the workshop will be hands-on use of equipment and
>demonstrations of recommemded P2 technologies.  I am seeking a
>presenter with expertise in waterborne coatings and how to deal with
>the problems encountered during their use.  If anyone has suggestions
>please email.  I would also like to talk to anyone about innovative
>wood waste reuse options and can be reached at the number below.  Any
>help is appreciated.
>Sherry Davis
>Sherry J. Davis
>Industrial P2 Specialist
>133 Ward Hall,KSU
>Manhattan, KS  66506-2508
>913-532-6501   Fax: 913-532-6952


Try contacting David Fields; he is the Group Leader for Waterborne Coatings
at Guardsman and is involved with the development and testing of waterborne
coatings for wood.  He can be contacted at:

Guardsman Products, Inc.
Coatings Group
2147 Brevard Rd.
P.O. Box 1029
High Point, NC  27261
910-841-6790 (fax)

I hope this is helpful.

John Jaimez
Waste Reduction Institute
(note our new area code!)