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RE: Nickel in Scrubber Waters

What is the nickel ppm in the water going into the scrubber?

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> Dear List:
> I have a sewer user that has nickel levels approximately 2ppm in their
> scrubber waters. The scrubbers are cleaning the gases from a boiler that
> burns both gas and oil at separate times. The scrubber tower is lined with
> stainless steel. We cannot figure out where the nickel is coming from. The
> odd thing is, is that they found their nickel levels to be lower when
> burning gas, but the pH when burning the gas is 2 whereas the pH when
> burning oil is 6. Nickel leaching from the stainless? If anyone has any
> ideas on where the nickel is coming from it would be greatly appreciated.
> Thanks a bunch!
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