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Re: Pulp and paper questions

There is an interesting article in the Spring 1998 Issue of P2 Review.  The article, "Mercury P2 at Potlatch Corporation's Cloquet Pulp and Paper Mill" discusses the problem of mercury contamination at the mill.  
The mill had switched over to an ECF (elemental chlorine free) pulping process that uses chlorine dioxide, as many mills are doing currently, and increased their use of sulfuric acid.  After a lot of mass balancing, it turned out the acid was the source of the mercury.  
The mercury contaminated acid came from secondary lead smelters (1-10 mg/l).  The secondary copper smelters' acid had less mercury (0.01-0.1) but the petroleum refinery's acid contained the least mercury (0.001). The mill solved their problems by controlling the incoming sources of Hg.
Authors are Dorland, Kangas and Tuominen.