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Announcement: Vote to Approve P2 RFC/Information Standards Process

The comment period on the Request for Comment  "PROPOSED PROCESS FOR
19, 1998.  Comments were received from several participants, and the
document is now ready for a formal vote on adoption.  The full text of the
document can be found at:


Your vote is solicited on the issue of whether or not to adopt this
document as the process for initiation and promulagation of future data
standards for use by the internet community.  Voting is simple "Yes/No"
decision, with a "Yes" vote indicating support of the proposed standard.

Voting is open to all members of the pollution prevention community.  Votes
should be submitted by e-mail to butner@telebyte.net.  All votes must
contain the subject line: Vote on Proposed Standard.  The body of the
message must include the name and organizational affiliation (if any) of
the person submitting the vote, and the voting choice ("Yes" to support
adoption, "No" to oppose).

Votes will be accepted between the dates of July 23, 1998 and August 7,
1998.  A tally of the results (final number for and against adoption) will
available by sending a request to cstutzman@pprc.org and will also be
posted on the standards web site when it is active (address to be
announced).   Per the proposed process, the names and choices of all votes
received will be available upon request to permit independent validation of

Additional information on the adoption of standards is provided below.  If
you have any questions, please contact Scott Butner at either
rs_butner@pnl.gov or butner@telebyte.net) or visit the P2 Information
Standards web site at http://www.pprc.org/standards/

3.4.3 Announcement of Election. Once the comment period has ended, and the
RFC editor and author have worked to incorporate comments, the draft
standard will be voted upon. Voting is by email submission, as described
below. Voting begins when the voting period is announced on the RFC