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Call for Papers - EPA Region 5 Waste Min Conf

I am posting this on behalf of  EPA Region 5.

1998 Waste Minimization/P2 Conference

Sponsored by U.S. EPA Region 5
December 14 -16, 1998
at the Hyatt Regency Chicago
151 East Wacker Drive
Chicago, IL 60601

The United States Environmental Protection Agency Region 5 is seeking
presenters interested in sharing  their waste minimization/P2
successes and strategies with other industry representatives in the
Region 5 area (Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Minnesota, Ohio, and
Wisconsin).  The conference will emphasize waste minimization
options/alternatives for those hazardous waste generators who send
their waste to incinerators, generators who generate the most
persistent, bioaccumulative, and toxic hazardous waste, and
options/alternatives that would assist small businesses.  The goal of
the conference is to promote this mission through an exchange of
information by focusing on "real world" experiences.   Potential
industries and discussion topics addressed during the conference

 Specific Industries
 - Dry cleaning
 - Electroplating
-  Leather Manufacturing
-  Painting
-  Printing 
-  Laboratories
-  Pharmaceutical
-  Steel

 Case Studies
 - Waste minimization/P2 strategies and programs (e.g., for service
 industries, metal finishing, automotive, Federal facilities)
 - Technology innovation		
 - Packaging
 - Pilot Trials
- Air Emissions
- Alternatives to solvents
-- Sustainable Development
-- Clean-up and Prevention of Contaminated Sediments 
-- Regulatory Reinvention
 - Facilities' perspectives on current regulatory reinvention projects
 such as the Common Sense Initiative, Supplemental Environmental
 Projects, innovations in permitting
 - Public information/the right-to-know

 Tools for Waste Minimization/Pollution Prevention 
- Information Resources
- Measuring and Managing Data for Environmental Results
- Implementing Self-Auditing Protocols
-The Use of Corporate Environmental Reports
- ISO 14000 Certification

Each presentation should be approximately 20 minutes in length and
should describe methods, technologies, and management systems to
reduce, minimize, or eliminate the generation of wastes.  There is no
attendance fee for the conference. 

If you have a paper or case study you would like to present during the conference, please
submit the following information by Monday, August 31, 1998.

Preferred method for submission to US EPA Region 5 Conference support
via e-mail to: wastminconf@techlawinc.com
OR via mail to:
US EPA Region 5 Waste Minimization Conference Contract Support
Science Applications International Corporation (SAIC)
11251 Roger Bacon Drive (MS 4-3)
Reston, VA 20190 

Please direct any inquiries to (800) 844-9049 or to Ms. Yvonne Watson,
SAIC at (703) 318-4668. 

Please send the following information:

Telephone number:
Title of presenter:
Fax number:
Address of presenter:
Email address:
Title of Proposed Paper:

Also, please attach a one to two paragraph abstract of the proposed
paper and a one paragraph biography summarizing your professional

Dina Li
Sr. Pollution Prevention Specialist
Science Applications International Corporation (SAIC)
Pollution Prevention Division (MS-4-3)
11251 Roger Bacon Dr. Reston, VA 20190 email: LID@SAIC.COM
(703) 318-4603 fax (703) 736-0826 or (703) 709-1044