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Teflon curing emissions


I am forwarding the following question to P2tech for someone who is not on
the listserv.  Please send your replys either back to P2tech and I'll
forward them or you can respond directly to Brenda Kelly at
bkelly@vtc.vsc.edu.  Also, I believe the company is applying the Teflon
coating to "glass fabric."

Thanks for your help!

Jennifer Griffith, NEWMOA

>Subject: Teflon Curing Emmissions
>A company has emmissions being released from a teflon curing process.
>Does anyone know of ways to reduce the emmissions generated?  Any obvious
>issues I may have missed?  The coating used is water based.   If there are
>ways to reduce what's being generated, are there good alternative control
>technologies for a process like this?  The company currently uses catalytic
>abatement, but the fuel cost is high.  I would be very interested in any
>info, ideas,
>cost data you could share.
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