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FW: Survey about p2tech

Lisa Morrison, P2Tech list-serve manager,
 Is this legitimate?  Did this group go through you, and are you aware of   
this project?
 If so, then I will gladly respond.
Peter T. Moulton
Division of Technical Services, Bureau of Remediation
State of Maine Department of Environmental Protection
State House Station #17
Augusta, ME  04333
tel. 207-287-8161   Fax. 207-287-7826
case (upper or lower) does not matter on email address

From:  Electronic Group Dynamics Stud[SMTP:egroup+@andrew.cmu.edu]
Sent:  Wednesday, July 29, 1998 1:37 AM
To:  Moulton, Peter T
Subject:  Survey about p2tech

Survey of Internet Listserv Members

Listservs are an important Internet resource. As commercial enterprises
become more interested in the Internet, it is important to document the
value of non-commercial participation through such features as listservs.

This survey is part of a long term program of scholarly research on
Internet groups by Brian Butler (University of Pittsburgh), Lee Sproull
(Boston University), and Sara Kiesler & Bob Kraut (Carnegie Mellon
University).  This list was part of a previous study, and we obtained   
name from the listserver's public information about list owners and
members. We invite you to tell us about your experience as a member of
this list so that list owners, members, and others learn about what
makes lists valuable and useful for people.

Your participation is voluntary and will help produce the most accurate
picture possible of how listservs operate.  Most questions can be   
by filling in the blank or by checking the box to the left of the
appropriate response.  After you have completed the survey, please return
it to us directly at this email address. We will replace your e-mail name
with a coded identifier to insure that your responses are handled
anonymously. Data will be reported only in aggregate form. By returning
the survey you acknowledge that you have been informed of the purpose of
the survey and are participating voluntarily. You can get results of the
survey by checking the box at the end of the survey below.

The survey will take 10 minutes or less to complete. As a small   
we are holding a lottery. First prize, to be drawn randomly from surveys
completed and returned by August 7, is $200.  There will be two second
prizes of $50 each, also drawn from surveys completed and returned by
August 14. Five 3rd prizes of $20 each will be drawn from all surveys
returned by August 19.  All you have to do is type an "X" to tell us how
to reward you if you win the respondents' lottery, then complete and
return the survey.

[    ] Please send me a check for the prize.
[    ] Please contribute the prize to the following charity in my name:
       (Type the charity's name here:                        )

The following questions ask about your experience with p2tech.

1.  When did you join the list?
[19       ] year

2.  Do you expect you will still belong to this list next year
    at this time?
[    ] yes
[    ] no
[    ] maybe

3.  Do you belong to this list now?
[    ] no
[    ] yes

(If you no longer belong to the list, please answer the following
questions from the time when you were a member.)


4.  How many HOURS PER WEEK do you spend doing each of the following:

a.  [     ] hrs./wk. Reading list msgs

b.  [     ] hrs./wk. Composing and posting list msgs

c.  [     ] hrs./wk. Corresponding in private email with list members

d.  [     ] hrs./wk. Maintaining list address files

e.  [     ] hrs./wk. Maintaining, posting, publicizing ancillary files
                     (e.g., FAQs, "rules of the road", etc)

5.  Regarding MESSAGES YOU POST to the list or SEND as private
    email, please check if any have as their purpose to:

a.  [     ] Praise someone's informative message.
b.  [     ] Encourage people to introduce themselves.
c.  [     ] Adjudicate disputes.
d.  [     ] Reduce "off-topic" messages.
e.  [     ] Praise someone's supportive message style.
f.  [     ] Chastise someone's inappropriate behavior.
g.  [     ] Remove someone from list.
h.  [     ] Encourage people to tell others about the list.


6.  How important is each of the following as a benefit you
    receive from participating in this listserv
    (1=not at all important, 7=extremely important)?

a.  [     ] 1-7. Career advancement or professional visibility.
b.  [     ] 1-7. Help other people.
c.  [     ] 1-7. Learn more about or keep up with the topic.
d.  [     ] 1-7. Think about others instead of myself.
e.  [     ] 1-7. Meet people and make friends.
f.  [     ] 1-7. Support the real world community associated
                  with this topic.
g.  [     ] 1-7. Support this list community.
h.  [     ] 1-7. Promote the topic or issue of the group.
i.  [     ] 1-7. Have fun.
j.  [     ] 1-7. Get my questions answered.
k.  [     ] 1-7. Have others appreciate my participation.
l.  [     ] 1-7. Gain a sense of accomplishment.
m.  [     ] 1-7. Become known to list members.
n.  [     ] 1-7. Build relationships with list members.


7.  How important is each of the following as a cost you incur
    as a result of participating in this listserv
    (1=not at all important, 7=extremely important)?

a.  [     ] 1-7. Too many irrelevant messages.
b.  [     ] 1-7. Too many low-quality messages.
c.  [     ] 1-7. Get taken advantage of.
d.  [     ] 1-7. Invest too much effort.
e.  [     ] 1-7. Clutters or fills my mailbox or computer.

LINKING THE LIST to other places on the Net.

8.  Please check each of the following activities that you do

a.  [   ]  Maintain a web site for the list

b.  [   ]  Post links to related web sites

c.  [   ]  Identify yourself as a listserv member in your sig file

d.  [   ]  Give information about the list on your home page

e.  [   ]  Cross-post messages from this list to other lists


9.  This year, how many HOURS PER WEEK (on average) do you:

a.  [   ] hrs./wk.  Watch television, movies, or videos.

b.  [   ] hrs./wk.  Read newspapers, books, magazines.

c.  [   ] hrs./wk.  Do volunteer work in the real world.

d.  [   ] hrs./wk.  Work at your job, profession, or studies.

e.  [   ] hrs./wk.  Socialize with family and friends.

f.  [   ] hrs./wk.  Participate in non-work-related groups
                     (e.g., sports teams, civic groups,
                     church related groups, hobby groups)

g.  [   ] hrs./wk.  Access the Internet


10.  How many people on this list do you know in the real world?
[    ] (number of people)

11.  Please estimate the current size of this list.
[    ] (number of members)

12.  How old is the list?
[    ] (number of years)

13.  What would be your *ideal* size of this list?
[    ] (number of members)

14.  Estimate the current volume of messages per week.
 [   ] (number of messages per week)

15.  What would be your *ideal* msg volume?
[    ] (number of messages per week)

16.  Estimate the percentage of members with expertise on the topic
      of this list.
[    ] (percent of members with expertise)

17.  What would be your *ideal* percent of members with expertise?
[    ] (percent of members with expertise)

18.  Please characterize your level of satisfaction and fulfillment
     with this list through answering the following questions
     (1=not at all, 7=a great deal/extremely).
a.  [     ] 1-7. How useful is participating in this list to you?
b.  [     ] 1-7. How much do you enjoy participating in this list?
c.  [     ] 1-7. How personally fulfilling is your participating
                  in this list?
d.  [     ] 1-7. How worthwhile is your participating in this list?
e.  [     ] 1-7. To what extent do you accomplish some good through
                   your participating in this list?
f.  [     ] 1-7. How satisfying is your experience with this list?
g.  [     ] 1-7. How much do you feel really a part of this list?
h.  [     ] 1-7. How much do you look forward to participating in
                  this list each day?


19.  How skilled are you at using computers
       (1=not at all skilled, 7=extremely skilled)?
[   ] 1-7.     Amount of computer skill.

20.  Do you have formal training or job experience in
      computer science or any other computer-related field?
[    ] no
[    ] yes

21.  How expert are you on the topic of this list
      (1=not at all expert, 7=extremely expert)?
[   ] 1-7.     Amount of topic expertise.

22.  Do you have formal training or job experience in a field
      related to this list?
[    ] no
[    ] yes

23.  How long have you been reading listservs?
[    ] years reading listservs

24.  How many listservs do you belong to?
[    ] number listservs you belong to

25.  How many listservs have you owned, moderated, or been
      administrator of?
[    ] number lists for which you are/have been an
        owner, moderator, administrator.

26.  How many listserv owners do you know?
[     ] number of  listserv owners you know

27.  During the last 2 years, have you been an officer or leader
      in any real-world club, group, team, or organization?
[    ]no
[    ]yes

28.  Gender:
[   ]  Male
[   ]  Female

29.  Age:
[   ]  years old

30.  Level of Education:
[   ]  High school degree
[   ]  Some college or college degree
[   ]  Some graduate school or graduate school degree
[   ]  Other

31.  Primary occupational status:
[   ]  Student
[   ]  Employed full-time
[   ]  Employed part-time
[   ]  Other

32.  Annual household income:
[   ]  Under $20,000
[   ]  $20,000-$39,999
[   ]  $40,000-$59,999
[   ]  Over $60,000

If you would you like results of this survey, please enter your
email address here:

If you would like to see previous research reports, please enter
your postal mail address here:

Would you be willing to be contacted via electronic mail at some
later date to fill out another survey?

[   ]  Yes
[   ]  No

Thank you very much for completing this survey!  Please return it to
this address: egroup@andrew.cmu.edu