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Seeking lumber/sawmill p2 info...

** High Priority **

Good morning,

I am seeking pollution prevention guidance pertaining to lumber and saw milling operations.  I have made several attempts at searching the EPA, Envirosense and the Great Lakes P2  Servers and can not seem to locate pollution prevention information specific to lumber and saw mills.  In fact each time I search, I manage to locate pollution prevention data available on furniture making, pallets, veneers, etc...

Can anyone point me in the right direction or suggest a good source of information on the internet specific to lumber and saw milling operations.

Issues that are common to these type of operations include stormwater issues, chemical dipping to prevent sap-staining, boiler and kiln issues, bark, chip and various other wood waste solid waste issues, and wetting of wood (energy usage).

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

Laura Suba
Environmental Scientist
Jacques Whitford
Freeport, Maine
207/865-6138 ph
207/865-1071 fax