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Re: Water bases parts washers

Pollution Prevention Review had an issue that focussed on aqueous cleaners
in Aug 1997.  Some of the articles have a very practical focus, with case
studies and pictures.  Katy Wolf and Mike Morris wrote an article titled
"Aqueous Parts Cleaning for Auto Repair Shops" that describes a study
conducted to see if small facilities could economically switch from
mineral spirits to water based cleaning.  Eighteen auto repair shops
participated in the study.  The authors conclude that "[t]he best
formulations, from the standpoint of both exposure and environmental
protection, are those with no solvent additives."  They tested a
sink-on-a-drum, an enzyme sink-on-a-drum, an immersion system, and a spray

At any rate, you might want to take a look at that issue of P2 Review.

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> Can anyone provide me verifiable case studies documenting success in
> changing over from traditional mineral-spirits (Safety-Kleen) type parts
> washers to the new, low-VOC water based type?  I know the water based
> units need to be heated, which troubles me.  I have heard reports of
> manufacturer's providing enzyme type solutions, but cannot find good
> data... Anyone ever seen this new technology work?
> Thanks!
> Bill Green
> bgreen@ecolink.com
> 770-621-8240