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More Parts Washers

    In all the talk about parts washing, can anyone explain the role 
    ULTRASONICS can (or can't) play in improving the cleaning action 
    of aqueous based cleaners (or replacement of solvent based 
    I am interested in how these units are (or are not) being applied 
    in industry or automotive fleet maintenance.  To date, I have only 
    been able to observe one very new unit being tested by a 
    carburetor re-building plant.  The intention was to clean small 
    washers, screws, and other small parts for re-use.  Was the design 
    more for cleaning parts too small and numerous for hand cleaning?? 
    I realize the most garages may not want an ultrasonic cleaning 
    unit, but am unsure at what level ultrasonic units were designed 
    to function.  My first impression is they were designed more for 
    industrial use in removal of oils and grease from newly 
    manufactured parts.