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Re: solvent sinks and P2 -Reply

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From: DALE NOTTINGHAM <NOTTINDL@bocc.co.lee.fl.us>
To: rmcooper@flash.net <rmcooper@flash.net>
Subject: solvent sinks and P2 -Reply

>This is an old outdated method! There are better systems that produce
>only filter waste that if changed on a routine basis will not collect heavy
>metals at regulated levels.
>The method described does work but ultimately causes more labor and
>still produces regulated hazardous waste.
Not necessarily or even usually so.  In a number of locations, we found that
it does not produce a hazardous waste.  The filters are a good idea, and we
regularly recommend them.  But filters accompanied with the double sink
method is the best option.

WRT labor, there is no necessary increase in labor.  We found that employees
who use the two sink method spend less time wiping and using other methods
to get parts clean enough to work with.  If you compare a fresh one sink
versus fresh two sinks, it will look like more time, but if you look at the
end of the one sink fluid replacement cycle, it will show less labor for the
two sink method!


Ralph E. Cooper, Ph.D.
J.D., Class of 1999
Case Western University School of Law
Cleveland, Ohio