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Re: Nitric Acid Recycling


Has your client looked into vibratory finishing of the ss plates?  We
recently found a vibratory finishing process for stainless nuts that
surpasses a nitirc etch.  The virbratory finish not only smooths the part
but increases part luster significantly.  The pH of the finishing compound
is <9 and they systems has an automatic waste water recycling unit that
requires dumping ~ 1/mo or so.

If nitric is the only way to go, Zero Discharge Inc. makes an on-site
nitric acid recylcling system as does Pure Cycle Inc.  The systems have a
fairly good track record from what I have heard but I suggest you get
industrial references to check out maintenance/repair frequrency and tech

Zero Discharge:  Tony D'Amato  413-593-5477
Pure Cycle  Dan  Bailey  (413 area code in Palmer, MA)

 At 07:33 AM 8/13/98 -0400, you wrote:
>Looking for ideas re a cost effective way to recycle (on or off-site) 50%
>nitric acid solution used to clean stainless steel plates prior to
>etching/electroplating.  Approximately 1300 gallons of spent nitric acid
>generated per year.
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