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Re: Technical Assistance Campaigns


Ohio EPA's Division of Hazardous Waste Management is currently undertaking a compliance
assistance initiative aimed at hazardous waste handlers in sensitive wellhead protection areas.
This initiative has been dubbed "DWATT" - Drinking Water at the Tap.

More information on DWATT is available from Ohio EPA's website at:

A good source of information to support technical assistance efforts involving golf courses and turf grass management is the United States Golf Association (USGA).  USGA activities include "funding research to develop improved strains of turfgrass that require less water and are more tolerant of stress, and the promotion of environmentally sensitive construction and maintenance practices". 

More information on USGA is available from their website at:

Speaking of Golf and your state of Washington, Golf Fans everywhere are watching  Redmond, Washington this weekend for the 1998 PGA Championship at Sahalee Country Club.  Tiger Woods is the current clubhouse leader at 4 under.  
Maybe Sahalee has implemented some innovative P2 practices....?

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