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chemical class info

From: Benjamin Smith@EDF on 08/25/98 04:44 PM

Subject:  chemical class info

I am putting together some general chemical information (i.e. hazards,
alternatives, attributes to look for / avoid) grouped into the following
functional use categories.  The focus is  on consumer products and is
intended to provide guidance to product formulators.

   aerosol propellants
   bleaching agents
   cleaning and washing agents
   oxidizing agents
   pesticide solvents
   pharmaceutical solvents
   surface-active agents / surfactants

Most of my internet research thus far has turned up very little since most
chemical information can only be accessed by specific chemical name, CAS #,
etc.  If you have any suggestions as to where I might find this information
(grouped in the above categories).  Please contact me if any clarification
regarding my query is necessary.

Thank you.

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