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ANNOUNCEMENT: Election Results on P2 Information Standard Process

I am pleased to announce the results of the on-line voting for the "PROPOSED
which was announced earlier on this list.  Eleven votes were received,
representing 10 organizations (including 4 of the Regional P2 Centers).
Nine "yes" votes and two "no" votes were received, resulting in an 81%
approval for the proposed process (slightly in excess of the required 80%).
Two votes were received beyond the August 7 voting deadline, and were not
counted in these totals.  

Accordingly, the process has been adopted by the pollution prevention
community as a mechanism for expediting the initiation and promulagation of
information data standards.  The intent of these standards, and of this
process, is to help facilitate the sharing of information between pollution
prevention and related technical assistance organizations.  A website which
provides information about the standards setting process is in development
and will be hosted by the National Pollution Prevention Roundtable at their
website.  It is expected to be completed in early September 1998.  In the
interim, the original documentation (including white paper and the recently
adopted process) are available at:


Additional guidance on preparing and submitting Requests for Comments (RFC),
which serve as the initial phase of standard creation, will be included on
the standards website.  Additional announcements will be made to this list
as RFC's are submitted for consideration.  

NOTE:  As indicated in the proposed process, the complete list of ballots
cast, including names, organizational affiliations, and voting preference,
is available by request from the RFC process moderator, Scott Butner.
Requests should be sent to Scott at butner@telebyte.net.  This is designed
to provide for independent validation of election results.

Crispin Stutzman
Pacific NW Pollution Prevention Resource Center
1326 Fifth Ave, Suite 650
Seattle, WA  98101
fax: 206-223-1165