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Re: dental mercury


Check out "Pollution Prevention at POTWs Resource List" compiled by USEPA Region V.
Several dental mercury resoruces are provided.


Good Luck,

Jeff Lewis
Ohio EPA/Office of Pollution Prevention
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>>> Greg Newman <Greg_Newman@p2pays.org> 08/26 9:43 AM >>>
Hello Everyone

We are presently putting together a Best Management Practice guidance
document for dental offices discharging to a small POTW with a mercury
problem.  The BMP document will require dental offices to adopt practices
such as installing finer screens, regular cleaning of traps, and proper
waste management of all collected filling material.  If anyone can suggest
additional practices that would minimize or prevent the release of mercury
from these offices or has issued a similar type of guidance document in the
past I would greatly appreciate your assistance.

Thanks in advance.

Greg Newman
NC Div. of Pollution Prevention & Environmental Assistance
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