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P2 Action Plans


I am seeking information on Pollution Prevention Action Plans, such as
workplans and strategies devised for multiple organizations. The goal is to
develop an action plan that would provide substantive
responsibilities/roles for various governmental agencies, industry and
professional associations, NGOs and academic institutions.

Specifically, what components are needed for an action plan?  What are the
content requirements of an action plan (e.g., measurable outcomes,
intermediate results, timetable, clearly defined tasks, lead/support
organizations, budget)?

I would appreciate receiving any examples which could be made available or
any advice you would have on this subject.

Please e-mail your responses or give me a call.

Thanks in advance,

Kevin McDonald
4517 47th Avenue South
Minneapolis, MN 55406

Telephone: 612-729-8898
E-mail: kmcdonald@compuserve.com