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washable examination covers

Dear P2techs:
Can anyone refer Lucy to a hospital using washable fabric covers for 
their examination tables?  I haven't worked with any medical 
facilities.  Please send responses to both of us. Thanks in advance!
Sherry Davis
Her message and address:
I thought of that one too.  I have not heard of any health centers
going back to washable covers, have you?  It would be a better sell if
there were people I could refer this person to who can provide
positive experiences with washable covers.  I appreciate your

Lucy Doroshko, Recycling Coordinaotr
Pollution Prevention Section
Environmental Assistance Division
Michigan Department of Environmental Quality
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P.O. Box 30457
Lansing, MI  48909-7957
Phone:  517/373-1322
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Sherry J. Davis
Industrial P2 Specialist
133 Ward Hall,KSU
Manhattan, KS  66506-2508
913-532-6501   Fax: 913-532-6952