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Re: P2 Action Plans

At 05:20 PM 8/27/98 -0400, you wrote:
>I am seeking information on Pollution Prevention Action Plans, such as
>workplans and strategies devised for multiple organizations. The goal is to
>develop an action plan that would provide substantive
>responsibilities/roles for various governmental agencies, industry and
>professional associations, NGOs and academic institutions.
>Specifically, what components are needed for an action plan?  What are the
>content requirements of an action plan (e.g., measurable outcomes,
>intermediate results, timetable, clearly defined tasks, lead/support
>organizations, budget)?
>I would appreciate receiving any examples which could be made available or
>any advice you would have on this subject.
>Please e-mail your responses or give me a call.
>Thanks in advance,
>Kevin McDonald
>4517 47th Avenue South
>Minneapolis, MN 55406
>Telephone: 612-729-8898
>E-mail: kmcdonald@compuserve.com
 Hi Kevin,

What an exciting question.  Our "action plan" keeps evolving, but you can
infer the most successful roles and activities by reading our Program
Evaluation reports.

I was impressed with the coherence and transferability of the Illinois
Hazardous Waste Research Center organizational plan.  Talk to Tim Lindsey

Janet Clark <clarkjan@turi.org>
Technology Transfer Manager
MA Toxics Use Reduction Institute
University of Massachusetts
One University Ave.
Lowell, MA  01854-2866
Tel 978-934-3346, Fax 978-934-3050
And a new web site to check out for pvc- and mercury-free hospitals: