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(Fwd) [eppnet] medical pollution prevention conference

I thought this would be good for the listserve:
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Subject:       [eppnet] medical pollution prevention conference
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Because of the recent talk about recycling/purchasing medical products, I 
thought some of you may be interested in a conference we a sponsoring (with 
an EPA grant) on Pollution Prevention Strategies for the Health Care Industry.

New and updated information is now available at our website:
or by calling the Office of Technical Assistance at 617-727-3260 x644.

This one-day conference (October 7, 1998) in Tyngsborough, Massachusetts will 
provide specific information on how health care facilities  (hospitals, HMOs, 
clinics, laboratories, and doctors' and dentists' offices) can improve 
environmental operations and compliance by addressing potential problems at 
the source.                               

Vendor booths will display the latest pollution prevention technologies, 
equipment and products.

Who should attend?  Research and clinical laboratory managers, facilities and 
housekeeping managers, clinicians, purchasing professionals, environmental 
health and safety managers, dentists, administrative directors, and 
researchers all will benefit from this conference.  
Cost is $20 (scholarships available) and free for students.

Sessions include:
Environmental Issues for Clinical Facilities
Development of Effective Management and Training
Mercury Reduction at the Facilities Level
Mercury Reduction in Laboratories
Waste Minimization in a Clinical Laboratory
Reduction of Toxic Chemical Use in Surgical Pathology
Red-Bag Waste Reduction across the Facility
Mercury Waste Prevention for Dental Offices
Alternative Products for Dentists
Regulatory and Policy Panel Discussion 

The speakers will be discussing the changes they made at their own facilities 
and will share the tools you need to make changes at your facility.  Speakers 
include lab managers, facilities managers, dentists, and clinicians.

CEU credits are available from the Mass. Nurses Association (with reciprocity 
in most states), the American Board of Industrial Hygeine, the Board of 
Certified Safety Professionals, and for Massachusetts Toxics Use Reduction 
Planners (TURPS).

The full agenda, speaker information, and registration form are available at 
our website or by requesting a registration brochure (617-727-3260 x644)

Tyngsborough, Massachusetts is located just over the New Hampshire border 
next to Lowell.  This conference is funded through an EPA grant to the 
Massachusetts Office of Technical Assistance for Toxics Use Reduction and is 
co-sponsored with the Medical, Academic, and Scientific Community 
Organization (MASCO), the Massachusetts Department of Environmental 
Protection, and the Massachusetts Water Resource Authority.  Cooperating 
organizations include Health Care Without Harm, the Massachusetts Nurses 
Association, the New Hampshire Hospital Association, and the Massachusetts 
Hospital Association.

Lara Sutherland
Office of Technical Assistance for Toxics Use Reduction
100 Cambridge Street
Boston, Massachusetts 02202
phone: 617-727-3260 x696
fax: 617-727-3827

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