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dental mercury -Reply


Following are some suggested resources you can tap into to write your Best Management Practices guidance for dental offices:

A couple of years ago, Detroit Water and Sewerage Department convened a Dental Task Force to identify sources and reduce loadings of mercury to their sewerage system from dental practices.  The Task Force succeeded in having the American Dental Association and the Michigan Dental Association pass formal resolutions calling for the elimination of bulk mercury usage by dentists.  Protocols detailing the proper handling and recycling of waste dental amalgum were prepared and distributed to dentists.  The Task Force arranged a bulk collection of mercury that collected over 1350 pounds of mercury.  For more information, contact Joan Hughes, Detroit Water and Sewerage at 313-965-9770.

The University of Michigan has a large P2 program underway called P2000.  They did extensive work with their School of Dentistry to reduce mercury discharges.  Contact Andy Berki at 313-647-3120, or at aberki@umich.edu.  Andy would be happy to discuss their findings with you.

Finally, at the Great Lakes Regional P2 Roundtable meeting in Buffalo, NY a couple of weeks ago, an excellent presentation was given by Dr. Marcia Basciano of the International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology.  She is an environmentally proactive dentist and presented information on how dentists can reduce mercury discharges.  She was great cause she can speak the language, and was able to discuss in detail the particulars of the equipment they use and how it can be modified to effectively collect waste amalgum.  She can be reached at 630-629-6299 or at jbasci@aol.com.

Good luck.  You can also visit our mercury homepage at www.deq.state.mi.us/ead/p2sect/mercury/.