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20th Canadian Waste Management Conference (CWMC)

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20th CWMC
>From Waste to Resource Management: Improving the Bottom Line - Sept 21-24,

Today's Challenges & Solutions


On behalf of the individuals and organizations who have worked together to
bring you the 20th Canadian Waste Management Conference (CWMC), it is my
pleasure to invite you to Hamilton in September. This year's conference
theme, From Waste to Resource Management: Improving the Bottom Line --
Today's Challenges & Solutions, provides the context for attendees to
explore the evolution of the waste management industry, from traditional
management practices to new and emerging directions such as eco-efficiency
and pollution prevention. In this 20th anniversary year, we look forward to
your participation to further all our knowledge, gain new insights, share
information, make new friends, as well as renew acquaintances from
conferences past. 

This year, the CWMC celebrates its 20th anniversary -- an appropriate time
to take stock of our rapidly evolving industry. Conference sessions at the
20th CWMC will focus on three sub-themes. The "Business of Industry" will
explore the future of our industry, from the perspective of emerging trends
and the needs of client companies. Perspectives and new technologies of the
waste industry will be presented in the "Business of Waste". A third
sub-theme, "The Business of Trade" introduces an international flavour to
this year's conference, presenting market intelligence and current
practices from abroad, as well as presentations that will explore the
impact of international accords and standards.

This 20th CWMC is a joint effort by numerous partners from the private
sector, trade associations and from all three levels of government. The
list of Collaborating Organizations below gives you some idea of the scope
of this cooperation, and I am grateful for the hard work of all our
volunteers. I urge you to come to Hamilton in September and join the
excitement of the 20th CWMC!

Wally Wells,
20th CWMC Conference Chair

Information about the conference can be found at: