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Costly Regulations -Reply

A large spray operation would likely have either a water wash booth or
a dry booth.

1. water wash would require 
    - the hardware (booth, pumps, conveyors, etc)
    - a separate sludge removal/handling operation
   - operators to maintain the polymer feed (polymers detackify he             
      over spray) and to apply peelable masking coatings that prevent the  
       over spray from adhering to the walls and floors of the booth. 
2. A dry booth avoids the sludge and polymer feeds, but adds dry filters
that must be managed and landfillled  too.

Both require: 
    - operators to apply coatings or to oversee a robotic application.
    -  labor and equipment in the paint kitchens
    -  prior to painting treatments (pretreatment-cleaning and conversion
coating) operations that themselves require chemicals, sludge
management and operators.  For water wash paint booths, refer to
document, #EPA-453/R-94-029.  Another good source document is

Both should be available from NCEPI in Cincinnati at 513-489-8190, or
online at www.epa.gov/ncepi/hom/faq.html.
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