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Alternatives to Perchloroethylene by dry cleaners

I am researching the alternative technologies to "perch" dry cleaning with
the goal being to develop an overview of all the alternatives (carbon
dioxide, petroleum and other solvents).  I will then put together a
workshop format the dry cleaners can come to where the information will be
presented in an objective manner. We want to set up a website location and
provide connections to other web sites that provide alternative technology
for dry cleaners.

I have contacted the EPA, the Center for Neighborhood Technology's
Alternative Clothes Ceaning Project, and am in the process of contacting
various franchises and manufacturers.  I am willing to collaborate with
other programs that are doing this so as not to reinvent the wheel, and
understand that EPA is close to issuing a report on alternative
technologies which I will be checking on.

Please feel free to fill in any gaps that you know of and let me know if
you want to be informed of progress during the project, or work with me on it.

When I am done I will share my information with all the P2Tech members.