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Re: Youth Council -Reply

OK Ronald, I gave a simular speech, and went through a source
reduction exercise.  You have them cut out red paper circles and put
them on yellow paper.  Show them wasted glue, and the red paper that
isn't used.  If you make red paper squares instead of circles, you get
100% utilization of red paper.  Using only as much glue as is needed is
good operating practices.

Now if you REALLY want to be a hit.  Do the following...
"How many of you would like to grow up, and keep the world clean, the
skies blue and the water pure?"  They will respond with a vacant nods
as they stare out the window at the playground..."that's a good idea"
they say smiling.
Then hold up a dollar "WHO WANTS TO MAKE SOME MONEY!"  Tell them
the dollar is for whoever comes up  with the best P2 solution for the red
paper problem...They will leap out of their chairs like Horshak on
"Welcome Back Kotter" The reaction you get is well worth a dollar and it
does demonstrat one good thing about being a P2 specialist.

Have fun!

Thomas Vinson, Engineering Specialist
Industrial Pollution Prevention, Office of Pollution Prevention and
Texas Natural Resource Conservation Commission
MC-112, PO BOX 13087, Austin, TX 78711-3087

>>> Ronald Austin <raustin@cce.cornell.edu> 09/08/98 03:03pm >>>
During Pollution Prevention week, I will be speaking to young people
career opportunities in P2.

Can I have volunteers to describe their job in less than a paragraph (one
sentance is fine), the type of degree or background needed to fill your
position, and less than a paragraph on what would entice a young
person to
want to pursue your job as a career.

I will also cover what you see in the future for your P2 program and your
perspective on the use of student interns in your program if you care to
provide this information. 

I'll eliminate names and consolidate responses to provide them to P2Tech.