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Paper Mill Sludge for Dust Control

I just read in our local paper of a nice industrial ecology case study in
the making.  Tailings from a 9 square mile tailings basin from a shutdown
copper mine near Ontonagon, Michigan have been the source of an airborne
dust problem for the past several years.  Stone Container Corp operates a
paper mill in Ontonagon.  The two companies have found that the mill
sludge can be an effective application on the tailings to hold down the
dust and promote plant growth.  They are currently working with local
interest groups and the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality in an
attempt to go full scale on this application.  From the article, J.R.
Richardson, Quality Control Director for Stone and Dan Schultz of the
Michigan DEQ look like good points-of-contact.  Sorry, I don't have phone
numbers on them.

Pete Radecki
Michigan Technological University/CenCITT