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RE: Paper Mill Sludge for Dust Control

Could there be a problem with dioxins in this sludge?

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> Subject:	Paper Mill Sludge for Dust Control
> I just read in our local paper of a nice industrial ecology case study in
> the making.  Tailings from a 9 square mile tailings basin from a shutdown
> copper mine near Ontonagon, Michigan have been the source of an airborne
> dust problem for the past several years.  Stone Container Corp operates a
> paper mill in Ontonagon.  The two companies have found that the mill
> sludge can be an effective application on the tailings to hold down the
> dust and promote plant growth.  They are currently working with local
> interest groups and the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality in an
> attempt to go full scale on this application.  From the article, J.R.
> Richardson, Quality Control Director for Stone and Dan Schultz of the
> Michigan DEQ look like good points-of-contact.  Sorry, I don't have phone
> numbers on them.
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