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hospital waste

I received this list of questions regarding hospital waste from a
journalist in Bombay. Any information or leads would be welcome.

Thank you, 
Mark Dorfman

I am a journalist writing on health and environmental issues in Bombay for
Business India magazine. So far Indian hospitals even smart private ones
have not even satisfactorily managed to achieve segregation of infectious
and non-infectious waste. I would be glad if you could please answer the
following questions foor me. 

1) How radical is the shift away from regarding incinerators as an
efficient and easy fix to the present mood of regarding them as of dubious
use been? What factors have led to this change? Have the medical
professions and activists been leading the change?

2) Is it commonplace in fact for most hospitals to have on site
incinerators.? Are 3000 incinerators now due to be phased out by the end of
year 2000 in the US? Were all of these on site? Is this a result of a
special resolution? 

3) What is the US government's position on disposing these incinerators? Is
there a buy back scheme for manufacturers? Is there any law that
specifically bars or promotes the sale of these incinerators to another

4)Is it correct to assume that sanitary land fills have replaced
incinerators as the most efficient disposal method of toxic wastes? Are
these wastes treated before being disposed in this manner as well? 

5) What are the stipulations for running these landfills? How many are
there in the US and how deep is one typically? The Indian rules say a 2
metre trench is deep enough but I guess that is just not good enough for a
city like Bombay with a population of 14 million people. 5) Do waste
management rules in the US carry a penal provision? How serious is it?

6) What is the definition of infectious hospital waste in the US? Is it
included as hazardous waste? Into what category does non-infectious
hospital waste fall?

I am afraid I have a rushed deadline. I would appreciate it if you could
please answer these questions by Thursday morning your time. 

Thanks All the best Devina Dutt 

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