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Re: Contacts in the petroleum industry

At 04:13 PM 9/15/98 -0400, you wrote:
>Does anyone out there have a contact in the petroleum industry that I
could discuss a partnership on the local level for information placards on
gasoline pumps.  I would like to provide clean air tips via a placard for
county-wide use, but do not know where to turn for a private partner.  Any
leads would help.  Also, does anyone have ideas for Stage I Recovery P2
Facility outreach?
>Tammy Allen
>Pinellas County P2R2 Program


Several years ago I got a PPIS grant from EPA Region 5 to work with
petroleum marketers.  The purpose was to use them as a means of reaching
farmers with P2 practices related to on farm petroleum storage and
handling.  While my audience was different then yours, I think the concept
is probably similar.

Tom Blewett, UW-Extension Solid and Hazardous Waste Research Center, and I
reported on this pilot project at the 1997 NPPR Spring Conference in
Denver.  YOu will find a summary of the project  in the electronic
conference proceedings.  There is also additional information and copies of
some of our educational materials on the National Farm*A*Syst web site at:
Go to their "public and private partnership" page to find the info.

Tom and I developed a series of "Tip Sheets" to help others replicate this
project.  Copies of those are on the above website and may give you some
ideas on how to market your project to petroleum dealers and what types of
education activities to use.

As far as petroleum industry contacts you will have two state trade
organizatins I suggest you contact: one representing the wholesale
marketers/distributers and part of the American Petroleum Institute (in
Wisconsin it's the Wisc. Petroleum Council) and another representing the
state retailers ( in Wisconsin it's the Petroleum Marketers of Wisconsin).
They are a good way to start identifying local retailers.

For more info on the Farm*A*Syst project contact either:

national Farm*A*Syst office at : farmasyst@macc.wisc.edu

Tom Blewett, SHWEC at: blewett@engr.wisc.edu

Hope this helps

Liz Nevers
Community Resource Development Agent
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