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enzyme deodorizers

Hello Everyone

We are presently working with a PORTA-JON off-loading facility which is
interested in reducing BOD levels in their effluent to reduce local POTW
surcharges.  BOD breakdown would be difficult to achieve due to the presence
of formaldehyde based deodorizers added to the PORTA-JONs and the absence of
a large holding tank on site.  I have heard of enzyme deodorizers which can
be added to the PORTA-JON to both deodorize and breakdown organic material
before the effluent is removed.  Does anyone have information or experience
with these products?  Thanks in advance.  Greg

Greg Newman
NC Div. of Pollution Prevention & Environmental Assistance
PO Box 29569
Raleigh  NC 27626-9569
Ph: (919) 715-6515  Fax: (919) 715-6794