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RE: two airport questions

A series of three (3) airport P2 workshops were presented in South Florida
in 1997.  These were sponsored by the FDEP with support from the Palm Beach
County P2 Coalition.  Cheryl McKee, FDEP S.E. District, was the organizer
and she would be a good contact. 
 She can be reached at (561) 681-6720 or by e-mail at


Hope this helps.

Dale H. Francke
Pratt & Whitney   M/S 717-03
P.O. Box 109600
W. Palm Beach,  FL  33410-9600

e-mail:   frncked@pwfl.com
561.796.3733   FAX  561.796.2787

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> From: 	Catherine Dickerson[SMTP:cdickerson@pprc.org]
> Sent: 	Wednesday, September 16, 1998 2:11 PM
> To: 	'p2tech'
> Subject: 	two airport questions
> We have received another interesting set of questions from our regional
> network folks, and I thought some others out there in P2 land may be able
> to help.  The questions:
> 1.  Is there any available data or inventory for ambient toxics at
> airports, either via specific sampling or releases?
> 2.  Are there any publicly available BMPs or P2 manuals for airports?
> I have looked through the archives, and while there is some information on
> airports, there is not much for these two topics.  I also have a few leads
> from the military to look into, but further information/ideas from that
> end would certainly not be turned down.
> Thanks for all help!
> cmd

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