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FW: Odor elimination at a chamois facility

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> From: 	Phillips, Joseph W.
> Sent: 	Friday, September 18, 1998 10:36 AM
> To: 	McEntyre, Charles L.; Jarrett, Marvin N.; Hillenbrand, Steve
> Subject: 	RE: Odor elimination at a chamois facility
> Not knowing the process, I couldn't recommend changes there.  However,
> odor control requires two things.  First contain the odorus material.
> Housekeeping, Housekeeping, Housekeeping!  Often odor is more related to
> last weeks and last months material than it is to the material in the
> process at a give time.  Contain leaks, prevent spills, control dragout
> even what leaves the controlled areas on boots, coveralls, etc.  Second,
> control air flow in the area generating the odor to capture the odor for
> treatment.  In Tampa, the building is probably not very tight.  To control
> the air flow it will have to be tight enough to allow negative pressure to
> be generated by the air handlers.  
> There are a couple of options for treatment and I use that term loosely.
> If the facility has a boiler or other combustion unit large enough to use
> a substantial volume of air, use the odorus air as combustion air.  If
> that is not practical, a biofilter can be used to deodorize the air before
> release.  There are some commercial varieties around.  I think Dr.
> Speidel's group was working on one at one time, but I don't know the
> status.
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> From: 	Hillenbrand, Steve
> Sent: 	Thursday, September 17, 1998 5:56 PM
> To: 	Charles McEntyre; Joseph Phillips; Marvin Jarrett; Jim Mantooth; Jon
> Loney; Lynn Brown; Peter Scheffler; Ronald Williams
> Subject: 	FW: Odor elimination at a chamois facility
> Is this a job for the bio-filter?  Although source reduction (process
> change) would be better.
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> From: 	Tammy Allen[SMTP:tallen@co.pinellas.fl.us]
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> Sent: 	Thursday, September 17, 1998 10:22 AM
> To: 	p2tech@great-lakes.net
> Subject: 	Odor elimination at a chamois facility
> A facility in the Tampa Bay area tans sheep hides to use as chamois.  They
> use cod liver oil for a specific effect during washing processes.
> Unfortunately, the combined sheep skin and cod liver oil "wreak' or to put
> it nicely, create an undesirable odor for which local regulators turn
> their nose up at... Does anyone have an idea of how the odor could be
> eliminated or minimized greatly?  Maybe some tannery secrets out there for
> odor reduction?