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two airport questions -Forwarded -Reply -Forwarded

Attached is some information on airport p2 I received from Elise Harrington=
.  Elise was a former P2 staff person within the Michigan Department of =
Environmental Quality that now works for the Michigan Department of =
Transportation in the Aeronautics Division.  She conducts environmental =
assessments at airports.

If you would like more information on the Michigan Airports Air Quality =
Study contact Wendy Fitzner at fitznerw@state.mi.us.

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I always enjoy lunching with you........................

There's a "Michigan Airports Air Quality Study" that Wendy was
involved with in some manner that was put together by Landrun &
Brown for MDOT (it showed that smaller airports meet de minimus
criteria and thus we use that as proof that the small airports projects
won't have an effect on air quality, when putting together EAs) that has
some data on air quality at airports--it may not be specific enough for =
person asking the questions.  I know Wendy has a copy because she
showed it to me when I got this job................

As far as the p2 info for airports, there is mainly an 'airport P2 =
thats already published.  There's no manual that I know of.  For
Stormwater P2 Plans that the airports have had to put together, there are
practices they use that help assure that substances on-site do not end up
in any stormwater.  I've atttached the p2 checklist and Caro's SWPPP
below.  I've saved the SWPPP in word so you can call it up easier.  The
checklist is in 'html' and has a bunch of codes.  The www address for a
bunch of environmental impact reduction checklists for NEPA Reviewers
is at:
The specific airport one is at:

I hope this helps.