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Low VOC Coating

Dear Amy,

In response to your message of 9-22-98, you might find some valuable case
study material on the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection's
web site.

To access the case studies, open the URL:
<http://www.dep.state.pa.us> http://www.dep.state.pa.us  ,
	SCROLL about 2/3 of the way down the page to the header :
				Pollution Prevention and Compliance
JUST BELOW:	Submit your own Pollution Prevention Tip of the Week
YOU WILL SEE:	What's Going on in OPPCA
		September 22nd, Live Webcast of the Governor's Awards for
Environmental Excellence.		
CLICK ON:		Governor's Awards for Environmental Excellence.	
YOU WILL SEE:	Interactive Learning Center

SCROLL:		To just below the keystone.

CLICK ON:		Click Here.

The header reads 1998 Governor's Awards for Environmental Excellence.  

FIND and CLICK ON:	Award Winners by Category

Gilmour Manufacturing Company,  Mohawk Flush Doors, Inc., Yorktowne Inc.,
and Morton International Inc. may be useful to you.  I understand there have
been experimental use of powder coatings for wood.  Perhaps Morton
International, Inc. would have some suggestions about finding information
about such experimental use.  Also look at winners from prior years who may
have coatings related summaries.  Knoll Furniture was an award winner about
4-5 years ago.  If you need more help to find these documents, please call
me at the phone number below.

I hope this information is helpful. 

Jo Anne Hollash
717-787-0121		email:	 <mailto:hollash.joanne@dep.state.pa.us>
Beginning paragraph of Ms. Amy Marshall of Midwest Research Institute:

Hello all - I am a new subscriber to the list.  I work as an EPA contractor
on various projects, mostly out of OAQPS, but I am currently working on a
project for Bob McCrillis of ORD on low VOC/HAP wood furniture coatings.  We
are looking for facilities that have switched their coatings to any low
VOC/HAP technologies (waterborne, UV, high solids, etc) and are writing case
studies on these facilities - we have 6 so far, and some potential others.
A summary of the project is below - if you can help (e.g., by identifying
such facilities and helping arrange site visits), please let me know... my
contact info is at the end.  Thanks!